Friday, April 27, 2007

Carbon capture from air?

Global research Technologies and Columbia university have announced the successful test of a device to extract carbon dioxide from air. The link is here .

If this works and can be made commercial, it could allow the removal of emissions from a Thai taxi in Iceland, centralising CO2 removal from the atmosphere where it could be used (for enhanced oil recovery, chemical feedstocks or putting the bubbles into Coke).

The article pointedly doesn't say anything about costs or efficiency though, so probably best not to bet the ranch just yet.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

WaveHub crosses the finish line

According to the BBC, it seems that WaveHub has finalised its necessary development funding of £21.5 million from the South West Regional Development Agency. The news story is here:

What's interesting is that the funding appears to come from SWRDA, rather than from what you might think of as more normal sources for emerging technologies - DTI, Carbon Trust, European Sixth or Seventh Framework funding. SWRDA's clearly motivated to try to develop a wave industry in the southwest.

There's competition from EMEC (Orkney) and an Irish test centre in County Cork.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Milibandwagon derailed - for now

The Economist this week talks about how it now looks as if David Miliband will not challenge Gordon for the Labour leadership - - not this month anyway.

Seems to me that if Miliband doesn't challenge, he's a reasonable chance of maintaining his grip on the (possibly enhanced) DEFRA, and that feels like a good thing for continuity of support for renewables and carbon capture, especially if the energy portfolio is folded into an enhanced DEFRA as a bonus for staying out of Gordon's way.

From wee Davie's viewpoint, isn't a sensible strategy to let Gordon have a run at running the country, let him lose the next General Election and then be anointed as the saviour of the Labour Party to take on Dave Cameron?

Monday, April 16, 2007

Chevron joins the blue rush

Just saw this little article, which didn't go into great detail, saying that Chevron has invested in the irish WaveBob technology. The link is here.

I think Chevron is the first of the US companies joining (albeit tentatively) the ranks of oil majors taking an interest in renewables. European companies got there first: BP (solar), Shell (wind, biomass), Total (wind).

Monday, April 02, 2007

Bush whacked by Supremes

Here's a news story to sustainably warm the cockles: the Bush Administration has been told by the Supreme Court that the Clean Air Act does give the Environmental Protection Agency the authority to regulate the CO2 emissions of cars.

This might mean the Federal Government will have to have another look at US emissions standards - which Al Gore tells us are way behind everyone else's already.

Two cheers for the US.

The link is

Best wishes to Camcal 2

The Glasgow Herald reported late last week that Camcal is to be revitalised. Camcal, a manufacturer of wind turbine towers and other large tubular steel structures (like the Pelamis devices), ran out of money late last year, having failed to win enough work to sustain it.

It's been rejuvenated by Business Creation Inc., and will initially be completing a contract for a windfarm project for EWT.

Let's hope that the new Camcal can capture enough of the market to keep it afloat...with a decision expected on the Lewis windfarm in the near future, there's every reason to be optimistic.