Monday, November 21, 2016


When we looked away from the wave and tidal marine energy sector in 2009, we were monitoring around 60 tidal energy and 60 wave energy conversion devices. We're now re-engaging with the sector and undertaking our initial screening research. Many of the devices we were watching in 2009 are still around, and some have made significant progress. Sad to say, some have gone by the wayside. But what's really got our attention is the multiplication of devices in the sector. We can now see around 130 tidal energy devices and more than 300 wave devices. We've undertaken our initial screening of the tidal devices to identify the top 20 or so, and are just beginning to do the same for the wave sector. As a sneak peek, the shortlisted 24 tidal devices and companies include Atlantis, Andritz, Clean Current Power Systems, Flumill, Mako, OpenHydro, Scotrenewables, Tocardo and Verdant. In coming weeks, we will be undertaking our objective scoring to determine our views on technical and commercial feasibility for these devices and plan to publish the new Redfield Marine Renewables Review in early 2017. It's going to be in two volumes: tidal and wave. We're looking forward to visiting the International Tidal Energy Summit in London later this week, and will report back with our impressions after that.

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