Friday, March 07, 2008

Progress for Renewable Energy Holdings

This, from the Renewable Energy Holdings website today...

Second CETO II Wave Energy Unit deployed & Sites under review in EDF EN collaboration

Renewable Energy Holdings plc (AIM: REH), the AIM quoted investor and operator of proven and innovative renewable energy technologies, is pleased to announce the successful deployment of the second CETO II Wave Energy prototype off the CETO test site at Fremantle in Western Australia.

In short, the CETO technology appears to use wave motion captured at tethered buoys to pump high pressure seawater which is then used to spin a turbine onshore. It's a great idea to keep the electrics out of the water, but I do wonder what kind of hydraulic losses there are. This schematic helps to describe the CETO technology.

This and the ORECon news in the same week - maybe wave's picking up steam again. Let's hope Pelamis can get deployed soon too, to really get some momentum in the sector.

In the meantime, nice one REH and CETO - we'll keep eyes open for more news.

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