Wednesday, March 21, 2007

OpenHydro accelerates away from the crowd

While Lunar Energy may have announced a potential 8MW project with E.On, OpenHydro has made some real steps. It has already installed a full scale device in the water at EMEC, and has apparently signed contracts for two commercial projects.

The first to be announced is in the Bay of Fundy, legendary for its tides, where Nova Scotia Power has signed a contract for a demonstration project (

Then today, it announced that it's signed up with Alderney Renewable Energy (a company which has exclusive rights to Alderney's exceptional tidal resources) for the provision of tidal turbines there too (

It seems that OpenHydro is really picking up the pace on commercial implementation of tidal technologies.

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Terri said...

Hello from the Bay of Fundy! great to read a bit more about OpenHydro on your blog. We are quite intrigued by the prospect of tidal energy here in the world's biggest tide bay. Where I live in Parrsboro, Nova Scotia, is the location of the narrowest area of the Bay - 100 billion tonnes of seawater moving in and out of the bay every 6 hr 13 min. It's pretty neat! The new turbines seem to be such a great improvement over the old barrage style generating stations of the 1970s. Terri